I basically grew up in Edmonton, as an army brat, (father served) I moved around a lot but I call Edmonton home.  I grew up listening to Kenny Rogers and Whitney Houston, no typo, and by the time I was old enough to choose my own ear vibes I was into Green Day and Nas and Amerie.  I feel my music style reflects that in a random way especially because I listen to music for lyrical content over beats which is kind of different in this day and age.  My music is heavily lyrical I would say (type) and I want people to go back and listen to it again and again like “did she just say...???”. 

I actually used to write poetry growing up.  I’ve always had a deep love for music, but of course growing up on the likes of Whitney Houston, I figured if I couldn’t sing like her than I couldn’t be a singer, and if I couldn’t sing then I can’t do music duh!  Fast forward to 2019 and I got over my foolish stage fright and stole everyone’s attention at The Station on Jasper as my first performance ever in March 2019.  I’ve been beyond hungry for my dream since getting a small glimpse of it back then.  

I am always looking to collaborate with artists of any genre of course, please feel free to reach out to me.  Even instagram works also, find me @iamteafannie and slide into the DM!  I have a lot of little projects in the works and I’m always working.  Follow me on Insta or sign up for my mailing list to keep up.  Thanks for reading this all the way to down here, wow, that’s huge.  Cheers.