Funny enough, I have shit to do, like important shit, but instead I decided im. pause, fuck punctuation rn too ok. anyway ya so instead i decided ima write a blog post because my instacart will be here in under an hour and i dont wanna start it and then stop to go put the food away and make some food same time. also gonna clean the few dishes i got in there. anyway issa whole ting and i dont feel like starting and stopping mmk. ok.  what do i have to do u ask? update my music resume (havent touched it since like summer u kno how many shows and shit ive been doing since then damn im dumb). i said i was gonna update it after every show. even put it in my calendar on some weekly shit at one point. but it just dont last. dammit the stream aint working for me and i love my chunesdays because i listen to the DOPEST music and im live on zoom with the DJ's which is live in twitch, so holds me nice and accountable for getting work done also.  shit i gotta make sure instacart notifications are on.  which is funny im typing it instead of doing it, yesterday i tried to do a day in the life type vid and i just dont understand how ppl can take a vid before EVERYTHING they do. yes im jealous because I just kept forgetting to take videos and before like 1pm i was done with the whole thing lmao.  ill try it again another day prob.  but for now.  I will keep doing the simple shit solo until i have an assistant or maybe a partner who just likes taking random vids? that be cool. 

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