1. Schitzo

From the recording Hello

This is my 2nd album of the year, but first one as an independent artist. This album has no features! Every song was written and performed and most recorded all myself. Lokei mixed and mastered the whole album with the exception of Lion Don't Eat Lion, which was a released single earlier this year.


When you call me Cookiez Da Miztress
It really means it’s nobody’s business
How I spin it like a fidget my position no more pivot gotta give it one more minute stay up in it till I win it
‘Cause I cum first
Papa Chulo know
No train needed
I di controller now
Take your hands on my hips and feel the rolla now
And let me show you why you’d pay for a pronoun
I have you screaming like Kelis
‘Cause you spent that money on a freak
Now go home to your wife ‘cause she must be excite to learn that new trick of the week

Now when you call me Ma ain’t nothing new
Cooking crack or a mean beef stew
So all these fake bad bitches in my view
You think you’re Lauren London
But you’re fake as New New
So gwan like you’re a bad bitch
Keep singing them symphonies
I promise you your last meal
Is breakfast at Tiffannie’s
Niggas like a mad Mitch
Walk around so bitterly
gwan like you’re a Calvin
But Maurice is your facsimile

P T E or Sheeks
If I don’t mention the name you ain’t bad like we
‘Cause we stay so highku low key
Bitch better have our money ain’t no RIri
‘Cause this ain’t no video brotha
he know damn fckn well thats why he hidden my brotha
Been a week so I’m coming for my figures my brotha
Every day that you’re late I’m breaking fingers my brother
This little boy thought he was slick
He saw a girl and not a woman thinking I’m innocent
Its called a front you flip that back in a week
Instead he flossing with the ends you know what re-up means?
see I don’t care if it’s a little zip
If he owe me money I’m cutting a little dick
Ok time to roll out quick
Allumette, light the blunt then we roll out dip
Trailer trash is where he live
Man it's gonna be so easy just to snatch this kid
Yo grab his belt
Hogtie his hands and feet
Shirt in his mouth
No one can hear the scream
Throw him in the trunk
Ya we cliche as fuck
Lady in the day
But don’t tempt me after one
Where's my money bitch for real I aint Rihanna
To be continued oh shit here comes fauna
My name is Fannie
U uneducated ratchet ass ho
Cool calm collected im sorry that I had lost my control
Book street smart virgo put you in your place
Blunt cunt rude as fuck I’ll say it to ur face
I can’t be bothered with no petty conversation
Aint got not time for no pointless relation
I had to walk through the fire
Instead of burning used the fuel to go feed my desire
‘Cause y’all don’t take me seriously
I line them up so I can kill em kill em serially
Ya sometimes i'm just talking metaphorically
But today I mean this shit so lyrically
glocks sloppy tops and Louis Vuittons
only one of these things I don’t be on
Now I am the new phenomenon
Don’t need mama to say to knock you out

I am the new phenomenon
I am the new phenomenon
Dj Qing is the new phenomenon
Highku is the new phenomenon
Sheeky sea moss is the new phenomenon
I am the new phenomenon
Ya we are the new phenomenon
We are the new phenomenon
I am the new phenomenon
Ya Teafannie is the new phenomenon

Skit -
Yo how hard is it to pick up ur phone. Damn. Like I know you off work from like 6 o’clock. So whats grabbing your time that you cant even text ur wife back for 2 hours. Am I trippin?
Yo baby chill, u gotta remember im my own man, im always coming home to u so why u tripping. I aint out here with these girls, yo that reminds me tho..I gotta take a quick shower Jen I’ll be right back.
Night babe cool. wait….who is Jen???