1. Venting

This is my 2nd album of the year, but first one as an independent artist. This album has no features! Every song was written and performed and most recorded all myself. Lokei mixed and mastered the whole album with the exception of Lion Don't Eat Lion, which was a released single earlier this year.


You love it when I leave
Love it when I walk away
You want me to stay
But I’d say no way
Your love was like a play
All fake
But people still pay to see the snakes
10pm side chick
Time to cause a fight
Out that door going out again for the night
You know that shit ain’t right
I’m still on them kegals for you keeping it tight
‘Cause not only could you not keep it in your pants
The disrespect naw mi nah overstand
Man with a plan i should’ve caught the flex
But damn i can only blame myself
‘Cause you’re never home when im naked all alone
You’re out ya i know and i’m blind to your roam
Don’t answer your phone
Know you’re doing wrong
Now bark like a dog
‘Cause that’s what you on
So what can i do
Can’t say shit to you
‘Cause i ain’t got no proof
So here’s what i conclude
I was the best you ever made sad
I was the best you ever made mad
I was the best you ever actually had
I was the best you ever made so dammmmn
Mother fuckin angry angry
I was so happy
Now i’m so empty
Ya babe oh you’re always right
Behind your back bite my tongue roll my eyes
Threesomes ya I’ll send the invites
But you already fucked so you know that they’d bite
Virgo life I got some numbers to unblock
Keep the house I’m going back up on that block
I shoulda known when you ain’t splurge on that rock
All the tricks I showed you, you can throw into a sock
For all I care, this life ain’t fair that shit is scary
But don’t you dare act like it’s rare that I carried
This marriage and the bills and everything in between
You coulda told me all you wanted was to flee up your scene
Instead you doing shit so sleazy
What goes around comes around ya it’s that easy
But karma is a bitch and she on my team
You claiming you’ll get rich is really what it seem
But that day that you sick from that bad V
Is the day I catch the lick ‘cause the world yelling Tea
You over there thinking life is nice
Swimming in debt so now you’re fucking with the whites
But really for you any nana would suffice
I’m just surprised you ain’t tried any white guys
You never cared never shared anything besides the bitches
You never cared never shared anything don’t try and flip this
I shoulda cared and never shared all the ways that I was gifted
I shoulda cared and never shared all my inner inhibitions
You a user an abuser you don’t think twice
You a loser an accuser oh you a victim right?
I pushed through to see that view I made that sacrifice
Through the abuse and all the use I came out thrice as wise
Fine as wine you wined and dine without your wife
I guess thats why she gets the title of a side
You made a fool of my home
And you left me alone
I’m going crazy and shaking it’s like my mouth bout to foam
I swear to Allah almost ended it all
As it turns out I did not have the gall
To give you the power to then watch me fall
Put me in a box now I’m outside your wall
You a man from that show Handmaid
You wanna girl just to do what you say
You fuck around but at home where she stay
‘Cause you can’t be honest with yourself in any way

Do you ever get involved with person, kissing you all in public in stuff but he don’t want no labels? Which is cool, until you check for a next dude, and all of a sudden he’s like well ya I can smash other girls but you can’t get with no one else!
Wait what?
Ok you know what…