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ouuuu i'm so excited for this year. this is the first year i kinda have everything planned until about november. except for shows that keep showing up in my inbox and dm's yaaay. i stopped for a moment to think like what do i do if this shit actually starts to plateau….but then remembered how powerful my manifestation powers be right now lol. so lemme just not…im even careful about what lyrics im listening too lately. mad full of myself right now.  i came back from UK so much lighter. but heavier at the same time…had one of the most traumatic experiences (that i remember anyway, fan of suppressed mems) a week before i left for edmonton. The tuesday before juno's, also a day before my first juno week performance, i finally felt back to myself. i mean like myself like pre marriage self. i got married in 2011, so ya been a MINUTE. this is the long weekend and while everyone has family plans and stuff, my fam owns a restuarant so we rarely celebrate these holidays, they'll be working and i'll be at home in my office virgoing out to the fullest. im so pumped getting all my shit organized. my goal is to make everything set in such a way so my weekdays are not as hectic. set stuff up for once a week updates. stick with them so im not scrambling for 3 hours of time to catch up. i have about 2 hours worth of emails to reply to, and about 3 hours set aside to apply for festivals. ive been fortunate enough to not really apply or look for shows, but after my breakoutwest experience, ive been wanting more festivals like those.  im doing a big calgary festival this year, not announced yet so can't share yet but i cant wait!! July…ehhm thats all ima say.  First up! East town get down.  How do tours work?  I never realized i do a lot of shows…i just thought this was normal and everyone does a lot of shows. i turn shows down too, if it's a conflict of time or conflict of interest.  i was just living my dream being hypeman for Riz. then i got to have him be hypeman for me? geezus. i dont even know which came first actually.  im still so shocked at how every little step, every song, every lyric, has a story lol. one day it'll all come out, for now i consider them like easter eggs for the super fans like misty and falon. lately, im still following what i feel, and what i feel is to do it on a bigger scale. ya i kno ppl have given me advice last year and year before that im now implementing, come and say i told u so, but timing is everything.  and i always gotta do what feels right. this year, yall will finally get to hear the baby ive been making for 3 years. theres a reason im taking time with this one. u shall see. ooowwweeee. aaahhh im fckn pumped dude. for real. amped. and ready to make everyone proud thats been like: “have u heard this rapper Tea Fannie or sumn like that, shes dope, no i swear shes the next big superstar, watch”  i need to make everyone who's ever said that to someone, right. that will happen.   im really not proofing this time. just post. i got nuff to do. oouuu can i upload a pic? please hold. aayyy there we go.  ok so i decided to just write everything down for the whole wknd instead of splitting it into days. ill write my week on sunday. but i wanna see what i can get done before sunday. and take the day to do NOTHING. owww wish me luck. 

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