April 2023, Tea Fannie Tuesdays - Catfish 

Aaayyy it's time for an all new episode of Tea Fannie Tuesday's on CKXU!! 88.3fm
This week I got to interview my Mohkinstsis DJ, Catfish The Wizard!!!
We chat about his quests and why they are called quests. What it's like sharing knowledge teaching the youth, and try to figure out what he DOESN'T do🤣
Heeeee's every Wizard! (yes, sang in the melody of "I'm every woman")

Also, this is one of my fave playlists. Don't miss this one!



We Had The Time Of Our Lives Together - Mauvey ft. Lights

Last One - Savannah Re ft. Dylan Sinclair

Come Talk To Me - Rachel Geek ft. Nova Rockafeller

I Wanna Be Your Right Hand - Nemahsis

Energy Vampire - Witch Prophet ft. DillanPonders

Loves Addictive - Pllus ft. Miss Benzo

Sibling Rivalry - Tea Fannie ft. K-Riz Produced By Catfish The Wizard & Fallennwall

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