Ayyy im back again and so much sooner!  oww. 

Currently smoking a spliff, and listening to socialogic.  fave day of the week is Tuesday.  Also Tea Fannie tuesday just aired on CKXU, episode with my big bro K-Riz and I.  Oh and I'm making a burger in the oven right now.  got tired of stove top and I'm doing too much rn.  had a good friend ask me if i think im doing too much today, and to be fair, i can see how it looks so, but its weird to explain, its just a path I'm supposed to follow for now.  maybe there're skills i need to acquire, or maybe i need to fully burn out. i dont know. but i know that for now i'm just going until i'm not supposed to anymore.  writing this live on camera too, haha ay we live on twitch, socialogic, every tuesday night. vibes. 

ok just flipped my burger and pressed lap on my timer.  its weird. i dont use the countdown timer, i use the stopwatch because i'm trying to get a feel for how long things take to cook and not rely solely on a timer if that makes sense?  not for any reason at all, just because. lol  i also don't own a microwave, don't buy me one, get me an air fryer if anything lol.  i want to jump on that hypetrain so bad. 

back to, am i doin too much?  i know the focus is on the music but recently my "spare" time has been towards the weekly podcast.  Someone anonymously asked me if i think community radio is worth it.  i said hell ya because my show especially is all about canadian music and i want to showcase a station can be just that, all canadian hands dipped.  my show tonight was all songs that most people (including me) didn't even know were written or produced by canadians.  like bitch betta have my money!   a FEMALE canadian too at that. geez. producers dont get enough credit on the real.  i want to write a song thats so different from anything ive done that everytime i go to write i freeze. that usually doesn't happen, ill write trash at least until it just starts to flow through me again, but it always goes back to my silly flows.  i wonder if i can do it for real. is Token" that song that i was just straight rappin on?  i dunno. 

i had a weird thing happen to me today, someone asked me about my first orgasm and when i went to really think about it i got a flashback and really had to hold back tears.  i dont know exactly what it was but i have an idea and its weird to even talk about it.  but the universe ya...geez, the universe sent me a virtual event for woman warriors who have been through some SHIT and perservered and they asked me to speak at it.  I wanna share this story of my foster sister that I've shared with 2 people ever and this is the platform to start.  I don't even like to bring it up in therapy because i know it's repressed memories and I truly believe it should stay that way.  I'm fine emotionally and I feel at such peace with who I am today I don't want to become anyone else. 

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