3rd post lol 4 months later, ok getting better

it's currently like 2am in YYC and I'm just trying to streamline all my social media because I know BreakOut West could be a huge opportunity for me and I wouldn't feel myself if I didn't put my best foot forward.  Listening to whatever spotify is suggesting for me after Neyo's album, I skipped through most of it, sorry boo, just wasn't feeling it at this current state of mind i suppose.  I just keep adding to the list of things i feel i need to do in order to be ready, but i also know that november and december will be relatively quiet and ill be able to just focus on everything i really want to do for this not so secret project i've been working on for the last 2 years.  i've been putting out music here and there in the mean time, as you can tell if you're reading this lol but the project i want to put everything ive learned over the last 3 years towards.  i felt the hard work when i released Hello, and i dont mind it, but i do want to be very selective as to where and what i put that time into.  in the mean time, the universe has been helping me with networking and links i can hold in my pocket until the time is right.  i'll just know when i know and thats real trust lolol. i have trust issues but learning to trust myself has been a wild journey.  i still cry knowing that my gut, or intuition, is right and when i dont follow it i can feel the repercussions coming its wild.  they always do and to be fair, it doesn't hurt as much, but still hurts.  

i always think its funny when people don't see their hypocrital ways, i used to stress on making sure they always see their ways, but as ive grown ive just spent less time on improving people i couldnt care less about.  I just try to be the person i want to see in everyone, treat other people like how i would want them to treat me, and the ppl that mirror that or add to that, stick, and those that don't, don't lol.  it's usually pure conflict and thats the signs to break away but instead we follow feelings and stick to something thats just not meant to.  once i learned that, i feel i really found my elite circle.  i still hold my cards close to my chest and only let ppl see a version of me, but no one needs to know me except my partner, whenever we find each other.  no kids, no partner, no potentials, no pets, no plants lol. i literally just have myself to focus and look out for, all this time and energy solely into myself has to pay off and i would love to be your living proof to follow your goals, follow your dreams, go get that shit, u deserve it.  

one day i will write a book on all the stuff ive been through, especially before i forget it all...i know my brain is weird and seein the future isnt hard..  so i will definitely write this shit down, because im told it would blow ppl's minds, and i don't even say the major shit obv lolol.   i guess you really don't know what you go through until you compare it and then its like, oh ok, i guess i have seen some shit.  but this some real death bed shit so until then, i will write it down in a vault, and maybe once everyone is dead and gone it can be released for the very least to see the connections that truly happen randomly but intentionally every day.  every minute.

i think ima go to sleep now, but this was bless that with the new keyboard ting, i didn't get tired of typing after like 5 min. like you know when you write with a pen and after a while you get that indent on your middle finger and it hurts like wtf.  well for me with typing after a while my wrists hurt.  you too?  oh its normal?  ok well i didnt know this info until like last year lololol. byeeeee

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