Juno Week! whoa

I wrote “juno” on my wall on Jan. 01 2023. part of my vision board for the year. i also wrote exclaim and got added to their playlist a month ago. trying my best to stay present in the moment but my mind stays in the future where i wanna be so its hard. im in the middle of #myroadtojunos. which is a tag i just decided to use for snap so i can keep track of all the shit im doin. tryin my best to take vids and pics for the most part. my week started on wednesday with a highku womens day event. which lemme pause and say how proud i am of highku for how far she's grown her business and does what she says she's gonna do from time. its always just one day at a time and just keep pushing through. i really just typed some foul shit and deleted it cuz my mind went to sumn but im not gonna write about it. not even in my songs. cuz it aint worth the headache and i have no emotions towards that situation. anywho. week started wednesday and got to do a spoken word. which im starting to really feel more and more. its an amazing outlet. they made bath bombs but i had to jet to rehearsals with The spanish flies. they are so amazing its so cool to be around the talent im around. ive always been a fan of dope shit and not afraid to show it. i hope that never changes. after rehearsal headed to my etown home. i think i rested? lol  woke up and had to hit the malls cuz u know, red carpet was last minute, we ballin on a budget and we got it done. i spent about $15 on juno related clothes n jewellry not bad. dont watch my spellin idc rn lolol. i dont care right now. that was for u lucy. its almost 11am and i need to get ready for event 1 of 3 for the day lol. not including rehearsals if i can fit that in. ok. so day 2, shoppin right. ok we ready. and mainly cuz ani got my shirts ready for the red carpet so i just needed accessories. ronald picked me up with josh and david! so excited to see them. david is such a blessed soul. and i hadnt seen ron since grant mac in the summer! small world i didnt even know they were friends. yaay!! okok focused. 6 min left. kk so …still did a long weed pause dammit. okok. and im okay with that. owww. welcome to my brain. iight. so we went to eat and then to venue for our show. 2nd performance for me woot woot. we smashed it. me qing and ani. i twerked a little lol. i love how engaged the audience was to my lyrics. alex the sound guy was amazing with the sound. AMAZING. im so bad at remembering names too so thats how u know! mm after that we chilled im pretty sure. i was home by like 11 i think. i worked on the verse im gonna do with d'orjay today cuz of some last minute changes but u know me. i love rollin with the punches to fight my virgo. that sounded sarcastic but it really does help me feel growth. i got the verse down aaayyy. sleep. ok now i work my job 8-4 friday. ugh. so i do that, then right after get ready to head to junofest to see tea g and perform with spanish flies. that was soooo dope. i was able to see 2 dope acts that ive never seen before. i LOOOVE experienceing new artists for the first time when they're that amazing. ugh. Ru and Bardic Form. and of course seeing Tea g perform for the first time. shes a fckn powerhouse. then i started to feel my energy draining..just from everything from the week. i could feel it. talia and i dipped. then we met dan of bluejay sessions and he took us out to the cabin. a great networking event to just let loose and enjoy the company of some amazing dope artists in the city of multiple genres. now to today. highku is gone to her event early. im gonna be there for noonish. and its 11 just now on the dot so ima go get ready. my nails need a quick redo too smh. whyd i think theyd last lol

aaaahhhhh juno week.  did i really just say that?

and i still came back and re read it so now its 1105 smh. bye

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